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Textile & Canvas

Metamark MD-AC370 - Satin Finish Art Canvas

A premium grade satin finish art canvas for tensioned fine art prints. It has a special acrylic coating offering a bright white finish and giving vibrant colour brilliance with photo realistic definition. The lighter weight allows for finer finishing of the framed print. It has an excellent drying time, crack resistance and is water fast.

  • 370gsm
  • Bright white satin finish top coating
  • Long term indoor use
  • Water fast
  • For tensioned fine art prints

MD-AC370 - Art Canvas

Available in 5m and 15m rolls.

Roll widths 760mm, 1370mm and 1600mm.

Metamark MD-AC240 - Satin Finish Art Canvas

A satin coated art canvas suitable for fine art prints usable for framed art without edge cracking. The natural cotton/polyester product benefits from a warm white satin finish inkjet coating, which is water resistant. Due to the special coating the canvas is suitable for heavy ink loads and uniform area prints also in critical dark tones. The coated surface also offers a good light-stability and excellent colour reproduction.

  • 435gsm
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Long term indoor use
  • Water fast
  • For tensioned fine art prints

MD-AC240 - Art Canvas

Available in 5m and 15m rolls.

Roll widths 760mm, 1370mm and 1520mm.

Metamark MD-TF2 - Textile Flag

Metamark Textile Flag is made from a 90gsm, fine net type fabric, offering a high strike through of the ink to provide double sided banners (the reverse image is mirrored). It has a removable release line, stopping the ink and providing rigidity when printing. It is flame retardant and can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • 90gsm
  • Fine net polyester
  • Fire retardant
  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • For double sided flats (back image is reversed)

Available in 5m and 30m rolls.

Roll widths 760mm, 1370mm and 1600mm.

Metamark MD-TX - WallTex Self-Adhesive Textile

A self-adhesive, 100% Polyester fabric, offering a clean, easy to apply alternative to traditional wall coverings. It is ideal for visual merchandising, exhibition and home décor applications. This high grab adhesive will bond to many painted surfaces and is removable in the short term, and may be easily applied, lifted and repositioned. It can also be computer cut.

  • 300gsm polyester fabric
  • Removable and repositionable
  • For wall covering applications

Available in 5m and 30m rolls.

Roll widths 760mm, 1370mm and 1520mm.

Metamark MD-TB - Textile Banner

This product provides exciting new banner and display opportunities as an alternative to PVC banners. The 200gsm textile has a special polymer coating on the printing surface to produce outstanding image quality and vibrancy. It is highly flexible, tear resistant and being fire retardant, can be used for indoor banner, displays and exhibitions. It is waterproof, so it is suitable for outdoor use. As a textile, this product has environmental benefits compared to PVC banners.

  • 200gsm polyester
  • Fire retardent to DIN 4102 B1
  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Lightweight and PVC free
  • For single sided textile banners

Available in 5m and 30m rolls.

Roll widths 760mm and 1370mm.

Metamark MD-MX - Heat Transfer Flex For Textiles

This high quality heat transfer flex is suitable for garment markings, such as promotional T-shirts, sportswear and workwear. The high quality polyurethane film has a matt, reflection-free surface laminated with a thermally activated adhesive. It is suitable for transfer to cotton and polyester/acrylic blend fabrics. New MD-MX has an easy release from the liner and is recommended to be used with a heat press. Apply using PT500X application tape.

  • Flexible, non-reflection, matt polyurethane film
  • Heat activated adhesive
  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • Use with PT500X application tape
  • For use on cotton and polyester/acrylic blend fabrics

Available in 5m and 25m rolls.

Roll widths 760mm, 1370mm and 1520mm.

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