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Metamark MD-PP210 - Premium Semi-Gloss Poster Paper

This semi-gloss premium poster paper offers superb colour vibrancy, a quick drying time and achieves near photo-realistic results. It is suitable for poster frames, displays, point of sale, fine art applications and backlit displays. The heavyweight 210gsm paper has a bright white semi-gloss finish and provides excellent dimensional stability.

  • 210gsm premium grade poster paper
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Fast drying time

Available in 45m rolls.

Roll widths 760mm, 1370mm and 1600mm.

Metamark MD-PP220 - Premium Matt Poster Paper

Offering a near photo paper finish, suitable for poster frames, displays, point of sale and fine art applications. It can also be used as a cost effective solution for backlit displays. The superior bright white satin finished paper produces excellent colour vibrancy and consistency and offers good drying time. It is a heavyweight 220gsm paper and has a PE backing allowing superb layflat stability and resisting blocking when stacking or rewinding.

  • 220gsm premium grade poster paper
  • Semi-matt finish
  • Layflat PE back coating

Available in 50m rolls.

Roll widths 760mm, 1370mm and 1520mm.

Metamark MD-RU160 - Banner Stand Roll Up Polyester

This product has been developed for use with roll up banner display systems and can also be used for other exhibition and retail displays. It has a crisp, matt white surface and is scratch resistant. It's grey blockout backing gives maximum opacity and brilliant colour reproduction.

  • 160 micron
  • Lightstop polyester (grey on reverse)
  • For use with retractable or static banner stands

Matched Overlaminate - MetaGuard 302

Available in 10m and 30m rolls.

Roll widths 914mm (can be slit if required) and 1270mm.

Metamark MD-RU170 - Banner Stand Roll Up Satin Crystal

MD-RU170 is an evolution in roll up display media. This synthetic product has a scuff resistant, satin crystal finish, so avoids the need for overlamination and therefore offers fast production at a lower cost. It is capable of producing vibrant colours and has a grey lightstop backing.

  • 170 micron
  • Satin crystal finish
  • For use with retractable or static banner stands

Available in 10m and 40m rolls.

Roll widths 914mm (can be slit if required) and 1370mm.

Metamark MD-PU - Lightstop Polyester For Pop Up Displays

This product has been developed for use with pop up display systems, for use in exhibitions, stands and retail displays. The 310 micron lightstop polyester has a special top coating producing high print quality and it has an anti-static reverse side. Finish with MetaGuard 402 light diffusing overlaminate to give added rigidity and fix to the frame using magnetic strips.

  • 310 micron
  • Semi-rigid lightstop polyester (grey on reverse)
  • For use with pop up displays

Matched Overlaminate - MetaGuard 403

Available in 10m and 20m rolls.

Roll widths 914mm (can be slit if required) and 1270mm.

MetaGuard MD-FG - Floor Graphic Vinyl System

MetaGuard MD-FG vinyl floor graphics system offers excellent opportunities for promotional graphics and has been developed to meet the stringent demands of a floor vinyl. This laminate is scuff resistant to withstand regular traffic and has an anti-slip coating to meet the health and safety needs of a floor product used in public spaces. The product is warranted for use in public areas and must be used only as a matched system. Use of any other laminate voids public liability.

  • Print media - 90 micron vinyl
  • For indoor use only
  • Must be used as a matched system with MetaGuard 502

Matched Overlaminate - MetaGuard 502

Available in 5m and 25m rolls.

Roll widths 685mm and 1370mm.

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