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Metamark Reflective & Fluorescent Films

M5000 Reflective - Engineering Grade

A high quality engineering grade reflective suitable for safety signs and high visibility vehicle markings, where permitted. It offers ease of application due to its robust PET type film, so does not suffer the brittleness or tearing common to applying reflective materials. This product has a 7 year durability. It is suitable for application on flat panels or simple curves and can be computer cut. (Not suitable for use on compound curves or recesses.)

  • Durability 7 years
  • 120 micron PET film
  • Engineering grade reflective


M5011 - Red
M5041 - Green
M5031 - Yellow
M5021 - White
M5051 - Blue
M5061 - Orange

Minimum order 1m.

Roll widths 380mm (sprocketed), 610mm, 760mm (sprocketed) and 1220mm.

Fluorescent - Promotional Grade

A short term fluorescent vinyl for high visibility promotional advertising, conspicuity and safety signage. The 120 micron film is suitable for computer cutting and screen printing. The high colour pigmentation produces vibrant markings for short term exterior use up to six months.


MM-FL50 - Pink
MM-FL52 - Green
MM-FL58 - Orange
MM-FL51 - Red
MM-FL54 - Yellow

Full roll length 50m.

Minimum order 1m.

Roll widths 380mm (sprocketed), 610mm, 760mm (sprocketed) and 1220mm.

Exterior Fluorescent - 2 Year Cast

Metamark exterior fluorescent vinyl is suitable for high visibility vehicle conspicuity markings and outdoor safety signage. The product has a high grade pigment to provide 2 year exterior durability. It has a cast vinyl base film and a high gloss finish.

  • Durability up to 2 years exterior
  • 115 micron
  • For vehicle and outdoor use


MM-FE61 - Red
MM-FE64 - Yellow

Full roll length 25m.

Minimum order 1m.

Roll widths 610mm and 1220mm.

Roll Striping - Reflective & Fluorescent

All roll stripes are cut to order, to any width. For wider stripes standard roll widths can be slit.

Available in:

M5000 - Reflective
Fluorescent - Promotional
Fluorescent - Exterior

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