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Industrial & Engineering Plastics

We supply a comprehensive range of engineering nylons and specialise in all forms and grades of polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC and nylon products that are available in sheet, block, rod and profiles.

Polypropylene Plastics

Polypropylene is noted for its outstanding physical, mechanical and anti-corrosive properties. It lends itself to a variety of industrial applications, including electrical/mechanical, chemical, medical, packaging and fabrication.

Polyethylene Plastics

One of the most versatile thermoplastics available is polyethylene, because of its very low co-efficient of friction, corrosion and chemical resistance, coupled with excellent impact strength. It is an industrial engineering plastic suitable for hoppers, tanks, silos, cutting boards, chain guards, wear strips, linings and wear applications.

PVC Plastics

PVC is rated self-extinguishing, has exceptional chemical resistance, with high tensile and mechanical strength. It is used for chemical storage tanks, laboratory equipment, machine parts and ventilation systems.

Engineering Nylons

We also offer an extensive range of engineering nylons, including white nylon, MOS2 filled, cast and extruded products, acetal and PTFE. These materials are well proven and established and have applications for bearings, bushing, gears and wear strips.


Our Probond and Dibond ranges are both available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

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