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Anti-Vandal Glazing

We supply cost effective extruded polycarbonate sheets, which offer excellent high impact and heat resistance and are virtually unbreakable.

Product Description

Polycarbonate is a transparent material, as clear as glass, that is approximately 200 times stronger, whilst weighing 50% less. It is an ideal product to use in areas subject to vandalism.

It provides the answer to virtually every covering and glazing application for both designers and contractors. Furthermore the acoustic and thermal insulation properties of polycarbonate enables reduced design and construction costs.

Polycarbonate sheets are flexible and easy to cut. They can be bent either hot or cold and can be thermoformed and machine fabricated. The material withstands temperatures under which many other plastics would melt or fracture.

Polycarbonate is widely used for many applications, including anti-vandal glazing, roof-lights, security glazing, machine guards, visors, riot shields, balustrades and barrel vaults.

Available in clear, opal, bronze and embossed.

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