Dibond Composite Sheet


As the first aluminium composite material especially optimised for the display market worldwide, Dibond has been produced in Singen, Germany since 1992.
A light weight, versatile, easy to fabricate substrate, Dibond combines two 0.3mm aluminium cover layers with a polyethylene core.  Users of Dibond include designers, advertising agencies, shop fitters, furniture designers and printers.
Dibond can be transformed three dimensionally by using the routing and folding technique, while being stiff and stable at the same time - ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
The only composite using A1Mg1 alloy for the Dibond cover layers give
the following advantages: 
  • Sturdy Material
  • For use in 3D applications using Router and Folding techniques
  • Excellent Processing Characteristics
  • Advance Corrosion Resistance 



The Special Polyester Coating System:

  • Stove lacquered according to ECCA - Standards
  • Constantly high quality of colour as well as colour consistency
  • Very even, flat surfaces
  • Perfect Printing Properties
  • No heavy metals in the lacquer system
  • Conforms to RoHS, REACH and WEEE 


The black core, UV-Blocker

 The two aluminium layers enclose a black polyethylene core, advantageous because:
  • UV-Protection
  • Material stability caused by the black core
  • Excellent long term application outdoors 
 DIBOND provides excellent properties for processing, handling, transport and installation:
  • Very high stiffness and dimensional stability - ideal for large format applications
  • Three dimensional processing by using the routing and folding technique - offer various creative applications
  • Processing and installation on the spot- pre-fabrication and flat transportation require only few steps from panel to 3D display
  • Long term application outdoors - very low thermal expansion
  • Weather resistant - applicable with temperatures between -50degreeC  up to +80degreeC 

Available in:

DIBOND White matt/matt finish
2500mm x 1250mm   -   2mm, 3mm and 4mm thickness
3050mm x 1560mm   -   3mm, 4mm and 6mm thickness
4050mm x 1500mm   -   3mm and 4mm thickness
3050mm x 2050mm   -   3mm and 4mm thickness
6250mm x 2050mm   -   3mm thickness
DIBOND White gloss/matt finish
2500mm x 1250mm   -   3mm thickness
3050mm x 1500mm   -   3mm thickness
DIBOND COLOURS gloss/matt finish available in the following colours:
Traffic Yellow RAL 1023
Light Ivory RAL 1015
Traffic Red RAL 9020
British Green 
Ultramarine Blue RAL 5002
Jet Black RAL 9005
Metallic Aluminium RAL 9006
2500mm x 1250mm   -   3mm thickness
3050mm x 1500mm   -   3mm thickness
Butler finish Silver
2500mm x 1250mm   -   3mm thickness
Butler finish Silver and Gold
3050mm x 1500mm   -   3mm thickness
Mirror (external)
2500mm x 1250mm   -   3mm thickness
3050mm x 1250mm   -   3mm thickness
Mirror (internal)
3050mm x 1250mm   -   3mm thickness 
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